The Harley Gallery


24/06/2017 - 20/08/2017


The popular biennial art competition returns for 2017.



Open daily. 11am - 4pm at The Portland Collection, 10am - 5pm/4pm Sunday at The Harley Gallery. Closed over the Christmas period and Easter Sunday.


The Harley Gallery

Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. S80 3LW

What is love? Did you feel love today? Did you see your mum or dad or kids and tell them you love them? Your aunty, your uncle, your gran? Do you love you cat or your dog, or your budgie? Did you practice self-love today? Did you hear a song that makes you feel love? Did you see a painting, a drawing or film that fully encompasses everything you believe love to be? Have you read a book about love? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  Have you ever written a love song? Has anyone ever written a love song about you? Is the love for your favourite musician the deepest love you have ever felt? How deep is your love? Did you dream of her again? Her beautiful face etched in your memory, still just a memory? Did you mourn his love today? Do you miss him with every ounce of your being? Did you fall in love with the stranger on the bus today? Did you mourn their loss, as they stepped away never having spoken a word to you? Can you love someone you have never met? Is Munchausen syndrome love? Is Stockholm syndrome love? Is abuse love? Can we be tricked into love? Can love be arranged? Do we have a scale of love? Have you ever been in love? Is love beautiful? Is it the only thing we are put on this planet for? Is it the only reason you get up every morning? Have you ever felt unrequited love? Have you been the source for someone else’s unrequited love? Would you kill for love? Would you steal someone else’s love? Do you want to know what love is? Is love merely our reproductive system tricking us into finding someone to mate with? Is love just a chemical imbalance in our brain the same as depression or insomnia? Who are you to say what love is? How do you say what love is? How do you say I love you? Are you married? Is it possible to love altruistically? Is love just empathy? Is lust a form of love? Is puppy love stronger than the love we experience later in life? Can you be too jaded for love? Are you divorced? Do only fools fall in love? Is psychopathy the only way to not experience love? Is love ritual? Is love ritualistic? Do you know a god’s love? Do you love your football team? Does love for your country come first, over your love for individuals? Do you love your work? How does love fit into your work? Is prostitution love? Is food love? Is addiction love? Is love addiction? Familiarity? Do you have to live within certain constraints to love? Does love transcend age, size, gender, being? Can you love more than one person/thing at once? Is love the same as hate? Are they diametrically opposed? Is love merely obsession? What does love mean to you? Nothing? Does it even exist? Are we obsessed with reproduction and relationships and objects that give us context, embed us in the world, the here, the now? Is love a subject we are obsessed with? What is love?

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