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Cabin Fever - Small Personal Stories

Good News for Bad Days


You are invited to visit our final display inside the cabin on June 4th, 5pm – 8pm, The Cabin, The old Stand, Osnabruck Square, Derby. There will be short films, cyanotypes and copies of the final booklet which includes the stories and artwork from the participants of the Cabin Fever workshops.

As a result of the last year of lockdowns, many of us have had no alternative but to spend time in isolation and confined to our homes. Building on this theme, Artcore Gallery presents Cabin Fever, a series of one month long residencies over a duration of six months. The residency offers artists the opportunity to test out ideas and make new work within an old retail cabin, located on Osnabruck Square just outside Artcore Gallery.

Cabin fever (noun) is a state characterised by anxiety, restlessness, and boredom, arising from the prolonged stay in a remote or confined place.

The residency aims to provide local artists with the time and space to create new work in response to Derby’s city landscape. So far, the artists have creatively engaged with members of the public through workshops and conversations, animating the area with exciting new work. This book highlights Nicki Dennett’s participatory workshops and conversations with the public as a resident Artist in the cabin.

A Reflection

I think it was the first day of the residency, everything was ‘colourful’. It was a sunny day, for once, the outside of the cabin had been sprayed with a multitude of coloured phrases by Dan Webber, it was open and there were people mingling around the cabin collecting their ‘Derby Witness’ books.

Sitting alone in the cabin I sometimes felt I was on show to the passer-by, people would read the words around the cabin and look through the windows just out of curiosity. Fortunately, days soon became filled with bookings for the workshops. All the participants who offered to create in the cabin and take part in my project stayed and made for at least two hours, often creating many pieces to choose from. A little display was soon up on the wall.

As the lockdown eased cafes and bars opened up, creating a lively atmosphere around the cabin. It was exciting that so many people were happy sharing their story and creating artwork for my project. I am so grateful to all of you because without you there would be no project. so thankyou. I would also like to thank the designers and staff at Artcore for all the help and support in putting the work together.


I would like to thank all the staff at Artcore for their amazing help and support with this project, all of those who contributed the project and friends and family who helped with fetching and carrying and the loan of a kettle for the cabin.


I have been asked to exhibit as a guest artist at the Ahbourne Festival which will take place at First Floor Ballroom, Town Hall, Market Place, Ashbourne from Monday 21st June - Thursday 27th June and Thursday 1st July - Saturday 3rd July, 11am - 5.30pm.


Paper Dolls, Detail

Nicki Dennett

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